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Rental Terms and Conditions

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In compliance with our rental agreement, reservations of SLS equipment must be made at least two full days in advance of rental date, and five full days previous to rentals that require additional arrangements (technicians or transportation), so that SLS may generate a contract and equipment list to be available to the renter within two days of the booking date. Failure to comply with this will result in the loss of any potential discounts, and may incur a fine.

Reservations may be made on via our online form, over the phone, or in person at our office in the Memorial Union Building Room 106.


Notice of cancellation of services must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of intended use. Failure to do so may result in a charge of thirty dollars ($30), or the full cost of the rental, whichever is less.

Rental Fees

Rental fees are determined by a rate structure that varies with the value of the item and the term of the rental. Rental prices given are for the first three days of rental. Contact us for rates over three days.

If transportation is required, delivery must be arranged at least five days prior to the rental term, and has a base charge of forty-five dollars ($45) with each mile away from campus incurring an additional one dollar fee for each mile. Delivery is only applicable to the Houghton and Hancock areas.

If you need an SLS Technician to assist you in running the equipment, SLS classifies the rental as an event and it must be arranged through SLS’ Operations Coordinator at least one week in advance. Note: Certain items require that an SLS Technician be present.

Equipment Pick Up and Return

A valid state photo ID (driver’s license) is required for equipment pickup. Additionally, if the renter has any concerns or questions about the rental equipment, all equipment is available for inspection the day of the rental. If the renter requires any technical help with the equipment, SLS will provide basic equipment setup, which can be explained when the equipment is picked up. Any additional technical help or service provided by SLS employees may be justification for additional charges.

At the drop off time, if the equipment is not cleaned, or cables are not neatly coiled, the renter will be charged labor costs determined by SLS for the cleaning and/ or organization of the equipment with a $5 minimum. Late equipment drop off rates are 35% per day with a $10 per day minimum fine. If items are returned late, any applicable discounts are also forfeited.

Renter's Responsibility

Let it be known to the renter that SLS equipment is not insured by SLS for the duration of the rental. Any damages or missing items are the sole responsibility of the renter. All rentals are for personal use only; equipment may not be sub-rented or used for profit by the renter. Any rental used for personal profit voids any and all discount that the renter may have qualified for.

Any problem with the equipment must be reported as soon as the renter discovers it. If needed, replacement equipment will be supplied to the best of our abilities and availability. Any price adjustments due to failure will be determined by SLS; price adjustments will always be in the favor of the renter.

Any attempted, unauthorized service or alteration will result in additional charges determined by SLS. If an item is lost during the duration of the rental agreement, the renter will be liable for the full replacement cost of the item. If an item is damaged during the duration of the rental agreement, the renter will be liable for the repair or replacement cost of the item. To insure the protection of SLS equipment and or employees, SLS must be allowed access to inspect the equipment at any point in time and has the option to remove the equipment for failure to meet with the terms of the contract or for the protection of personal and equipment.

If it is found that the renter has breached or violated this contract, SLS reserves the right to impose a fine of up to $1000.00 as it sees fit. The renter, and possibly the organization with which there are representing, may also be prohibited from future business dealings with SLS.

Event Terms and Conditions

What to expect for your event


SLS, otherwise Sound and Lighting Services, is the entity whom created and updates these terms, which can be changed without notice. Further, SLS is a student run production company providing event services to the student organizations of Michigan Technological University and University sponsored events; this excludes events held in the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.

The management team of SLS is comprised of the following: General Manager/ President, Operations Coordinator/ Vice President, Assistant Operations Coordinator/ Treasurer, Senior Storeroom Manager, and Assistant Storeroom Manager. Note: There may be more than one Assistant Storeroom Manager.

The Client is the person or organization who requested SLS’ services, or the organization that brought the event to campus.

A rental is when SLS’ equipment is borrowed without need for assistance in running the equipment; minor setup (not to exceed 2.5 total man hours) of equipment is allowed with rentals.

A service or rental request [Request] is filling out the request form found on SLS’ website. In the event of form problems or closure for updating, email with the proper information for the event will be considered an official request.

Equipment is anything in the possession of SLS, including the services provided by our employees. This includes, but is not limited to, setting up equipment, DJ services, FOH engineering, and tearing down equipment.

Clause 1: Equipment Availability and Timelines

Throughout the year there are times when equipment is in high demand and careful planning is necessary to make every event a success. Thus, all requests for event service or rentals must be made at least 48 hours in advance to the start time of the event or rental. Failure to do so will result in no guarantees for equipment or personnel availability, and SLS cannot be held responsible for loss due to equipment availability. Further, all requests must be processed through our online form system found at sls.mtu.edu under the services tab. In addition, equipment availability and all SLS’ services are limited during Michigan Technological University’s summer term. Inquiries for rentals or services are welcome during this time, but they may not be fulfilled due to the unavailability of SLS’ employees. If this is the case, the client will be notified by their preferred communication method in a timely manner at least 3 business days before the event or at the time of the request.

Clause 1.1: Urgent Requests

If your request for service is urgent, you should contact SLS via email or phone to inform us of your request. Note: you will be directed to our online form, but your advance notice will allow us to reserve the equipment you need and give your event priority over ones that fill out a form after you have contacted us.

Clause 1.2: Repeating Events

If an event regularly repeats, we encourage filling out the repeating event section of the request form. If this option is utilized, the form is only required once for the duration of the repeating event, e.g. 5 years. With each repeat of the event, the organizers are required to contact SLS via email with the date, time, and any additional information that may have changed from the previous event; a new form is not required to be completed.

Clause 1.3: Event Precedence

The precedence of a request will be based heavily, if not entirely, on the time when the request was made. Requests made first will be allocated their desired equipment or setup first. If there are conflicting events on the same day, the organization that made the request first will receive their full specification. The second, third, etc organizations will receive equipment or setups that are the closest equivalent to their requested specification. Further, this equivalency is not valid justification for requesting a greater discount for services rendered.

Clause 1.3.1: Off Campus vs On Campus Precedence

In general, Michigan Tech sponsored events will take priority over outside organizations and events happening on the same day as a University event. SLS is a student organization staffed entirely by students and receives majority of its financial support through the student activity fee. Further, our primary focus is to the Michigan Tech community. However, off campus organizations may rent equipment from SLS for their events, and minor setup or operation may be available upon request. These requests, if made more than 48 hours in advance, will be guaranteed equipment to meet the event’s needs. However, the equipment list given to the client is subject to change to equal or better pieces of equipment if an on campus event needs the particular equipment which was originally on the rental equipment list. Further, if equipment is upgraded due to an on campus event, an increase in price will not occur.

Clause 2: Fines

Those found to have broken a rental contract with SLS may be fined up to $1000.00 plus damages or equipment repair cost depending on the severity of the infraction. Late rentals are subject to a 35% per day charge with a $10.00 minimum per day. Any performer or group of performers who intentionally or accidentally damages SLS’ equipment will result in the organization who brought the event to campus being responsible for any and all damages that may occur. These damages may include the cost of repair or the full replacement cost for the equipment which was damaged by the performer or group.

SLS reserves the right to change these terms as deemed appropriate by the management team. These changes may occur without warning, but clients will be notified when these changes directly affect their business with SLS.